Adding Animations into Your Desktop Application in C#

Adding Animations in C# into Your Desktop Application

Adding animations in C# is a quite complicated task but in this article, I’ll show you a very simple method to add animations to your desktop application in C#.

For this specific tutorial, we’ll use Bunifu Animator control, but you can use the Animator DLL File for Free.

Tools Required:

  1. Download Animator Control from this LINK for free. or Buy a licenced version from their official website.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 or later version recommended.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open up the Visual Studio and create a new Windows Forms Application project.
  2. Go to the design view of your form and resize it.
  3. Set the Form Border Style property to none, Auto Scale Mode property to none.
  4. Change the Font to Century Gothic 12.
  5. Add a panel control from toolbox and dock it to top.
  6. Now its time to pick some icons, I recommend you to use Pichon desktop application to choose icons of any color. You can download it from this Link.
  7. Add two more panel controls, dock one to the top and other one to the bottom.
  8. Add a picture box control into the middle panel and use your logo as an image for this picture box.
  9. Now Add a label control and set the text property to name of your organization.
  10. Drag some button controls for a navigation bar in to and bottom panel.
  11. Now create two user controls for your slider and add the transition code from below video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

adding animations in c#

Source Code: