Designing a Modern Google Drive Ui Concept in Visual C#

Modern Google Drive is a concept by C# Ui Academy for designing interactive interfaces using Bunifu Ui Framework. In this very quick tutorial, We will learn how to design a modern google drive UI in visual C#.

Tools Required:

  1. Visual Studio 2012 or later version.
  2. Bunifu Ui Framework. (Purchase it or Get a free trial from here).
  3. Pichon App for free icons (Optional).

Bunifu Tools used:

  1. Bunifu Button Control.
  2. Elipse Control.
  3. Bunifu Panel.
  4. Chart Canvas.
  5. Bar Chart Control.
  6. Bunifu Circular Progressbar.
  7. Horizontal Progressbar.
  8. Picture Box.

Video Tutorial:

Source Code:

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