Download Resharper for Visual Studio

Download Resharper Visual Studio: Whenever you use a type from a namespace that hasn’t been added with a using statement, ReSharper will offer you to add the corresponding statement on top of the file you’re in. This is indicated by a blue box shown above the type being used. To add the corresponding reference, press Alt+Enter.

The above assumes that the project you’re in actually references the corresponding DLL. In case it does not, ReSharper can still help you add both a DLL reference and a using statement provided the necessary DLL is referenced by some other project in your solution and the project you’re in references that project.

If that happens to be the case, you won’t get a blue popup. Instead, the type being used will be highlighted in red, and ReSharper will offer you a quick-fix to add a reference to the corresponding assembly.

Selecting the top option will add a reference to System.Windows.Forms in your current project and will add a using System.Windows.Forms; statement at the top of the file.

One benefit of using ReSharper is that it shows you bits of your own code that you’re not using. ReSharper is actually very smart about it: not only will it point out code that isn’t used anywhere. But it will detect more complicated cases. For example the case where a field is both declared and initialized. but nothing apart from initialization actually happens to it.

Download Resharper Visual Studio:

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