Full-Screen Desktop Application Designing in Visual C#

Sometimes you want your application to go into a Full-Screen Desktop Application or presentation mode mainly in point of sales and other production level application. This mode usually covers the whole desktop with a black background and the application sits in the middle of the screen. Full-screen applications are popular nowadays, So in this tutorial we will learn how to design an interactive and modern full-screen application in C#.

Tools Required:

  1. Visual Studio 2010 or above. Download it from Here.
  2. Guna Ui Framework (Optional). See more details Here.

Steps to Follow for Full-Screen Desktop Application:

  1. Open visual studio and create a new Windows Forms Application project.
  2. Name it as “FullScreenApp” or set your desired name.
  3. Select your form and set the property of WindowsState to Maximized.
  4. Set the Auto Scale Mode property to None and BackColor to “244,244,244” and ForeColor property to “64,64,64“.
  5. Now resize your form to “1300,720” or you can change this according to your screen resolution.
  6. Now follow these steps in video to design a perfect interface.

Video Tutorial:

Full Screen Desktop Application Designing in Visual C#

Source Code

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