Bookshop Management Software in C#

Bookshop Management software in C#

The purpose of this Bookshop management software is to manage the books in the bookshop. It includes the order processing, stock management. Bookshop management software also used for monitoring and controlling the transactions in a bookshop.

In this tutorial We will design an interactive User Interface design (only) of a professional bookshop management in Windows forms application.

Tools Required:

  1. Visual Studio 2010 or later version.
  2. Live Charts, Download it from Here.


This software will have the following modules.

  1. Dashboard.
  2. Item Sales.
  3. Sales Record.
  4. View Stock.
  5. Add New Stock.
  6. Update Stock
  7. Reports.
  8. Analytics.
  9. Users.
  10. Expenses.
  11. Settings.

Module Summary:


This will be our welcome screen. It will contains a summary report of our total Sold Books, Total Purchased Books, total number of customers. It will also have some graph controls which will display the monthly statistics of Sales, Paid and received amounts.

Item Sales:

This will work as our Make Sale form. From which we can sale any book to our customers. This will have different features like adding any item to our cart using Bar code or Tracking Id. The cart will have buttons underneath using which we can increase or decrease the quantity of books in cart by simply selecting them. User will have provision to remove any item by clicking on Remove or Delete button. Total amount will automatically calculated when ever we add or remove any item from cart. Discount option is also available in the right bottom of the make sales User Control.

Other Modules:

Sales Record:

In this Window, user will able to see all sales and sold items (as sub module).

View Stock:

Our available stock will be displayed in this window. User can also search any item by using different attributes like, Tracking Id, Book Title, Author Name, Publisher Name and Bar code.

Add New Stock:

This Module is to add purchased items to our stock. This will also have auto generated bar code for books which do not have bar codes.

Update Stock:

If a book is already in our stock and user purchased the same book the we’ll have to just update our stock.


This window will allow user to view daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports of sales or purchases.


This windows is to show statistical graphs of sales and purchases.


Admin will manage users of the software from this window.


User will manage expenses from this window.

Video Tutorial:

Bookshop Management

Source Code:


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