NVIDIA’s A800 GPU Operates at 70% of A100’s Speed for Chinese Market

NVIDIA’s new A800 compute GPU, designed exclusively for the Chinese market, is causing quite a buzz in the tech industry. Despite limitations imposed by US export standards, the A800’s performance is impressive and comparable to Biren’s BR104 and BR100 compute GPUs. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the A800 and compare it with Biren’s processors.

A800 Delivers Impressive Performance Despite Limitations

According to a report by MyDrivers, the A800 operates at 70% of the speed of the A100 GPUs. The A100 delivers 9.7 FP64/19.5 FP64 Tensor TFLOPS for HPC and up to 624 BF16/FP16 TFLOPS (with sparsity) for AI workloads. The A800, on the other hand, delivers 6.8 FP64/13.7 FP64 Tensor TFLOPS and 437 BF16/FP16 (with sparsity). While the A800’s processing power is limited by US export standards, it is still highly impressive and is in line with Biren’s BR104 and BR100 compute GPUs.

Biren’s Processors Yet to be Adopted in China

Customers in China have yet to adopt Biren’s BR104 and BR100 compute GPUs, even though they are highly advanced. In contrast, NVIDIA’s compute GPUs and its CUDA architecture enjoy widespread support from the applications used by its customers. Even Biren cannot ship its fully-fledged compute GPUs to China due to the latest regulations.

A Look at Biren’s BR100 and BR104 Compute GPUs

Biren’s BR100 comes in OAM form-factor and uses up to 550W. It has an 8-way BLink technology to install up to 8 BR100 GPUs. BR104 is a FHFL dual-wide PCIe card that supports 3-way multi-GPU. Both chips have a PCIe 5.0 x16 interface with CXL protocol. Biren makes chips with TSMC’s 7nm-class process, containing 77 billion transistors, exceeding Nvidia’s A100’s 54.2 billion transistors. To overcome TSMC’s reticle size limits, Biren opted for a chiplet design and CoWoS 2.5D technology. This decision was logical as Nvidia’s A100 was nearly the size of a reticle, and BR100 is expected to be larger with higher performance.


NVIDIA’s A800 compute GPU impresses greatly, even though US export standards restrict it. Biren’s compute GPUs, though highly advanced, have not yet gained adoption in China, giving NVIDIA a significant edge in this market.It will be interesting to see how Biren’s processors evolve in the coming years and how they compare to NVIDIA’s GPUs. Read About Edge Aggressive approach to Become top browser here .

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