Windows 12 Concept with a Taskbar to Please Everyone

Windows 12, the next-generation operating system, is already generating buzz among users, especially after a mockup screenshot was leaked last year. While some people want Windows 12 to have a traditional user interface, others would like to see a radical approach to the taskbar, notification area, search bar, and more. This concept video, created by Addy Visuals, offers a variant that could please everyone.

A Taskbar for Everyone

The video proposes a dock-like taskbar split by sections for widgets, pins, and quick settings. The concept allows users to switch between the default, joined, classic, or compact view to suit their preferences. This approach offers a solution to the lack of alternatives that users dislike in Windows 11.

Organized Taskbar with Quick Actions

The video suggests creating app folders on the taskbar to keep the area tidy and organized. It also features an intelligent dock with quick actions that you can apply to selected files and folders.

Redesigned Start Menu

The concept offers a better layout for the Start menu with dedicated sections for pins, most used apps, widgets, and a list of all programs. Users can customize the Start menu according to their needs.

Beautiful File Explorer

The concept includes a redesigned File Explorer with beautiful visuals and a neat “drop zone” where users can temporarily store their files and folders.


Addy’s ideas won’t be adopted by Microsoft. The video displays what people want from the next Windows OS. People want choice, flexibility, and consistency. Users desire a taskbar for everyone, an organized taskbar with quick actions, a redesigned Start menu, and a beautiful File Explorer. Read About Why SnapChat Users are Angry Here .

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