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Contract Management System in C#

Contract Management System in C# is a desktop application using which any department or any organization manage contracts. Each contract is assigned to a contractor via a technical sanction number.

Tools Required:

  1. Visual Studio 2010 or latest version.
  2. SLR Db Connector.

Steps to Follow:

First of all we’ll design the Ui for our login form. You can watch a step by step guide from the video below.

Designing a Login

Adding Functionality to the Login form:

In this video, we’ll connect the SQL Server with our form and check for credentials, like username and password. In short we’ll add the functionality to the Login Form.

Contract Management System


In this part, we’ll work on different functionalities like,

Adding Form Validations.

Inserting values into database.

Fill Combobox with database values. select values from database and display those values in a data grid view.

Adding foreign keys in SQL Server.

Adding works into database


In this part we’ll work on following functionalities,

1. Getting values from data grid view on cell click.

2. Search data using multiple attributes.

3. Deleting a record from database.

Add or delete records from database


In this module we’ll work on the following modules,

Passing values from one form to another form using properties. Getting values from database on Value Change event of Combobox and We will also implement form validations on those database values.

Adding tasks into database

Part 6

In this module, we’ll learn how to Add Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in MS SQL Server. We will also work on Button Press Events, Finding Errors in Query using SLR Db Framework and Using Aggregate functions in SLR Db Framework.

Aggregate Functions in SQL Server

Part 7

In this video, we’ll implement some important business rules,

Adding work done by the contractor

Source Code

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