C# – Outlook Dashboard Concept

Outlook Dashboard Concept for Mac implemented in C# by C# Ui Academy. In this demo we will use Guna Ui Framework but you can use any framework with ellipse control or can design your own custom tools for that. Tools Required: Visual Studio 2010 or latest version. Guna Ui Framework. Get the latest version from… Continue reading C# – Outlook Dashboard Concept

Live Charts in C#

Live Charts in C# is an opensource tool containing multiple chart controls like Line chats, Pie Chart, location Chart e.t.c. Live Charts in C# are simple, flexible, interactive & powerful data visualization tool. In this tutorial we will learn How to create Cartesian Chart in WinForm App C#. Tools Required: Visual Studio 2010 or later… Continue reading Live Charts in C#

Just Color Picker Free Download

Just Color Picker is a free tool to pick any color code from your screen. While working on different projects or while internet surfing we often see some color combinations which we want to use in our projects. With just color picker, it is very easy task to pick any color and use it in… Continue reading Just Color Picker Free Download

Dark Dashboard Designing in C#

why should we learn about dark dashboard designing? Many Users prefers Dark User Interfaces. So, We must learn the selection of color combination of Dark User Interfaces also. Designing a dark user interface is really simple. Dark dashboard designing is a cool task for designers. Whenever you select a dark color for background, then you… Continue reading Dark Dashboard Designing in C#